Ecclesiastes 2:15

15Then I said to myself, “The fate of the fool will overtake me also. What then do I gain by being wise?”

A 104-year-old Australian scientist has started his journey to Switzerland where he plans to end his life, saying he “greatly regrets” living to his advanced age. Speaking on his 104th birthday, he said if he had one birthday wish it would be to die. “No I’m not happy. I want to die… It’s not sad particularly, what is sad is if one is prevented from dying.” Born in April 1914, months before the outbreak of World War I, he is a respected professor who has held academic positions in the United Kingdom, the United States and Australia. After his retirement in 1979, he edited a 30-volume series entitled Ecosystems of the World, written by more than 500 authors. Although he was still technically healthy, his physical condition and quality of life was deteriorating. “I might as well not have my health. It’s getting worse and worse, making me unhappy as it goes,” he said.

Every person, wise and fool, will depart from this earthly life eventually. While being wise has more practical benefits than being fool, the eternal destiny of each person with long life or short life is the same. Such eternal destiny will change only when one has a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. The desire to die practically shows that one may not believed in Jesus Christ and not experienced much of God’s grace.

Apostle Paul says in Philippians 1:23-24, 23 I desire to depart and be with Christ, which is better by far; 24 but it is more necessary for you that I remain in the body. Paul testified of his desire to die but did not plan to end his life. He was not complaining about the difficulties he suffered from. He just wanted to be in Christ. He had gone through a lot of challenges in life but God’s grace was sufficient for him to keep on. With no eternal security, the 104-year-old scientist knew that long life on earth is never advantageous to anyone. To be assured of living with God in heaven after physical death is enough reason to keep on living and earning eternal treasures.

Lord Jesus, help me experience Your grace to keep on keeping on.

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