Ecclesiastes 6:7  

7Everyone’s toil is for their mouth,   yet their appetite is never satisfied.           

At some point in life — whether years from now or much sooner — you might look in the mirror and honestly ask yourself, “Is it still safe for me to drive a vehicle?” According to Manitoba Public Insurance, of the 428 people seriously injured in a motor vehicle collision in 2017, 74 were older than 65 — the most of any age group.

Not wanting to add to those stats in the coming years, a 67-year-old driver wonders whether his time on the road is nearing its end. With his reflexes slowing down and his attention span starting to shorten, he wanted to be proactive and make sure he wasn’t in an accident. He decided it was time do something he hadn’t done since he was a teenager — take a driving lesson.  “I’ve been driving since I was 16. That’s going on 52 years of driving, and I think in that time you get more than complacent. You get a little cocky. I’m worried I’ve forgotten the rules of the road. Also, am I going to be willing to make the changes? It’s not a right to be on the road. It’s a privilege,” he said.

Driving at good old age illustrates that appetite is never satisfied. There are many aspects of life that humans yearn to satisfy. Travelers want to visit all wonderful places in the world. Designers want to finalize every possible idea that comes to mind. Inventors want to create things that may contribute to the needs of humanity. Even retirees want to explore how far or long they may establish their place in this world. But after everything has been done and accomplished, what’s next? Ecclesiastes 6:6 says, 6Even if he lives a thousand years twice over but fails to enjoy his prosperity. Do not all go to the same place? The craving for satisfaction could be filled temporarily in this world but after attaining or achieving them, craving for more or another thing creeps in. Did God designed humans to have unending longing for something in this world so that everyone will turn to Him for answer?

Lord Jesus, help me find life’s satisfaction in You.

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