Ecclesiastes 8:14

14 There is something else meaningless that occurs on earth: the righteous who get what the wicked deserve, and the wicked who get     what the righteous deserve. This too, I say, is meaningless.

The World Health Organization (WHO) named the 2019 coronavirus as COVID-19. On December 30, 2019, Dr. Li Wenliang posted a message to fellow doctors in a chat group that cautioned them to wear protective clothing to avoid infection from the novel virus. He reported that he had noticed seven cases of a virus he described as similar to Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), an epidemic that killed at least 774 people from November 2002 to through July 2003. Dr. Li, an ophthalmologist, tried to warn colleagues of the COVID-19 that has now become a global health emergency. He was quickly silenced and reprimanded by police. It was assumed that he was “spreading untruthful information online.” But just hours after it was announced that Dr. Li died from the COVID-19, anger and grief have erupted in China. Citizens took to social media to vent their frustrations over the government’s handling of the epidemic and portraying Li as a martyr of the crisis.

Similarly, when Christians sound the alarm of eternal consequences of sinfulness, not just one but millions of people around the globe from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds are quick to dismiss and consider devoted Christians as invasive of private lifestyles. For sure, mankind can have all their rights to define what is right and proper lifestyle in their eyes, but the Lord God Almighty, Creator of heaven and earth has already set the Judgment Day when He would reward all who have listened and obeyed His instruction. All actions, words and thoughts have consequences, either favorable to the person or not. James 4:17 says, 17 If anyone, then, knows the good they ought to do and doesn’t do it, it is sin for them. Are you scared of human hostility more than eternal punishment? Seek God’s help to live a godly lifestyle.

Lord Jesus, help me do what is right in Your eyes!

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