Our History


The Maples Evangelical Church (TMEC) started when a group of Filipino Christian believers decided to group together and continue meeting on a regular basis in Sunday worship services even without a pastor and with no established and recognized local church title to be identified with. The original members of what was called then as The Maples Evangelical Fellowship Church were first meeting at the Maples Collegiate on Jefferson Avenue.

On April 7, 1991, the founding members of TMEC officially decided to organize the small fellowship group into a local church. Few weeks later, the name – The Maples Evangelical Church (TMEC) – was adopted to be the official name of the newly formed local church. An election was held for a church council to assume responsibility of governing the affairs of the church.

Registration and Affiliation

One of the first priorities during the organizational period of TMEC was to look for a new place where programs and activities, worship services, as well as other plans of the church could be carried out effectively to accomplish God's Great Commission. With God’s guidance, TMEC moved to 397 Dalton Street renting the building facilities owned by Grace Kildonan Baptist Church.

After getting settled in a new home, TMEC moved on toward establishing its identity as local body of Christian believers. With a constitution and By-laws drafted, reviewed and ratified, TMEC applied for registration as a legally incorporated religious society under the laws of Canada. On October 24, 1991, the incorporation documents were accepted and approved by the Department of Consumer and Corporate Affairs, Province of Manitoba. Since then, October 24 has been considered as the official anniversary of The Maples Evangelical Church. At the same time, TMEC sought membership with a bigger body of Christian believers. With God’s grace, on April 23, 1992, TMEC was formally accepted and recognized as an affiliated member church of the Baptist Union of Western Canada (now Canadian Baptists of Western Canada).

Church Identity and Logo

And to further establish TMEC’s identity as a local church, a search was launched for a symbol that will reflect the nature and mission of TMEC. The concepts submitted by gifted members evolved TMEC’s official logo that tells the following information:

  • 1991 – the year the Church was officially organized.
  • The Maples Evangelical Church emphasizes the evangelical nature of the church.
  • The Bible represents the only basis of our doctrine and faith.
  • The cross indicates that our members are redeemed by the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ who died on the cross of Calvary.
  • The dove represents the Holy Spirit, our only source of comfort, our guiding and Divine Force in spreading the Good News of God’s salvation.
  • The maple leaves represent the Maples area where the church was born and where most of its founding members came from.

Calling of Pastors

In August of 1992, God sent a pastor with his family to join the membership of TMEC. Pastor Angel Ignacio, his wife Elma and children – Dindin and Jonjon – were welcomed in our congregation. With their outright expression of willingness to serve in various ministries, they were accepted as members and on the same day were prayed for as co-workers of TMEC.

In July 1995, Pastor Ignacio answered the call to serve another church in New Jersey, USA. Again, God mobilized the church leaders to keep directing the helm of the congregation. With much prayer and supplication, the Board of Trustees started looking for a pastor to fill the pastoral vacancy. Pastor Wendell Olojan answered the call on October 1, 1996 as the church pulpit minister.

In November 1996, two members of the board of trustees went to the Philippines to interview prospective full-time minister of our church. The Lord led them to meet and call Pastor Manuel Gonzales whom God sent us on August 1, 1998 with his family. At the time the Lord was preparing Pastor Manuel Gonzales and family move to Winnipeg, God simultaneously prepared in His own special way the acquisition of 397 Dalton Street church facilities. On July 31, 1998, with God’s grace, our congregation bought the building.

As new members were added to the church membership roll, the 397 Dalton Street facilities could no longer accommodate the members and visitors.

1575 Inkster Boulevard Property

The Lord then directed us to look for a bigger space to meet our church ministries – 1575 Inkster Boulevard property at Inkster Industrial Park. Because the property is zoned as part of an industrial park (MP2) where a church is not allowed, we had to file an application for zoning variance with the City of Winnipeg. After much prayer and supplication to our God, and corporate representation with the city planning and development authorities, the City granted us the permit to rezone the property to M1-B class to allow a church.

Our congregation officially moved to 1575 Inkster on September 1, 2000 but held the first corporate worship only on September 17, 2000. Remarkably, all our members played a role in renovating the church facilities.

Ministries and Activities

TMEC is very active in serving the Lord through its various activities and ministries. This congregation is committed to remain as such until we see our Lord Jesus Christ face to face.

Presently, the regular activities are:

  • Sunday worship service – weekly from 9:00 am to 10:45 am.
  • Sunday school classes– weekly from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm.
  • Mid-week worship services and prayer – weekly from 7:00 to 8:30 pm.
  • Home Bible studies and visitors’ fellowships – weekly.
  • Church Family camp – annually.
  • Youth camps – annually.
  • Youth fellowships - weekly.
  • Congregational picnics and outings.
  • Christmas celebration.
  • Evangelism Explosion Training.
  • Outreach and missions.
  • Ushering
  • Stewardship

The Great Commission

Indeed, God has added many blessings to us for which we are lavishly grateful. With the guidance of the Holy Spirit, TMEC keeps on moving forward glorifying God by conscientiously studying His Word and applying them in everyday life. TMEC continues to seek first His kingdom and His righteousness before all other things!

In late autumn of 2009, TMEC called a missionary-pastor in the person of Pastor Lorenzo Sallong II as under-shepherd. Since then, TMEC focused on how members can directly participate in global spreading of the Good News by going back to their homeland and engage themselves personally in full-time or short-term mission work.  Missionary-members were encouraged to connect to local evangelical churches that are willing to pursue the Great Commission and offer them assistance if needed. Initial results of this mission endeavor were fruitful such that TMEC is now more committed to the cause than before.

As in the past and the present, TMEC’s future is aimed to fulfill the Great Commission as mandated in Matthew 28:18-20 until we see our Lord Jesus Christ face to face. This is the only reason why TMEC exists!

All praises and glory be to our Lord Jesus Christ!


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