*My Testimony*

*My Testimony*– by Leonor C. Francisco

Back in the Philippines, I was a Roman Catholic. I know there is God but I worshiped many idols. I believed that my life has been changed here in Canada.

One Sunday morning, Liza and Ed invited me to a gathering at the Maples Collegiate. There were so many people around. I wondered what it was. It was the first time I heard Pastor Sebastian preached. Together with Liza and Ed, I went to the same gathering many times. When the gathering was named The Maples Evangelical Church, I was the first senior who regularly attended. The church moved to the next location at 397 Dalton Street, Winnipeg, MB.

Angel Ignacio became the pastor and I always attended Sunday school, worship services and prayer meetings. Bro. Nito Alarilla and Bro. Max de Leon taught us in our Bible studies. Every time the word of God was preached, I felt my heart was moved. I accepted Christ as my Saviour and Lord. That year, when I was baptized, I was very sure that I have received everlasting life.

After Pastor Ignacio resigned, Pastor Lito Gonzales came and the church grew in numbers. Was it the will of God?

At one prayer meeting, I asked Pastor Lito if I could sing, “In His time.” He permitted me to do so and many heard it. And after I ended my singing, Pastor Lito’s phone rang, and he answered it. He shared the news that we could now acquire and move to the [current church] building at 1575 Inkster Boulevard, Winnipeg, MB.

I knew it was God’s will. We’ve been praying for bigger church building because the meeting place at Dalton Street was already overflowing with attendees. I sensed God’s answer from the bottom of my heart in that prayer meeting when I sang “In His Time.”

To make my story short, I also graduated from Evangelism Explosion training. Sister Rebecca was my prayer partner. Every Tuesday night, during EE-OJTs, even with cold blowing snow, we went out sharing the gospel, and many people listened, and many lost souls believed including my family. I thank God for what He has done in my life. I know that the Holy Spirit is with me. I know I have everlasting life.  And I praise the Lord Almighty.


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