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  • Our Future Sixty years ago, I’ve learned a famous quote from a writer who is also a medical doctor (ophthalmologist) and an illustrious patriot. His words keep ringing in my ears and have become the foundation of my aspirations during my early formative years as a child and as a teen. He quotes “Th... [read more]
  • *My Testimony*- by Leonor C. Francisco Back in the Philippines, I was a Roman Catholic. I know there is God but I worshiped many idols. I believed that my life has been changed here in Canada. One Sunday morning, Liza and Ed invited me to a gathering at the Maples Collegiate. There were so man... [read more]
  • The Monarch Butterfly Tribute to the King of Kings Praising God for all the things He has done to us comes in many flavours. Majority does it in singing hymns and songs. Other people express it in dancing, dramas, declamations, and poems.  Others offer their unselfish services to help less fortunat... [read more]
  • My family was one time invited to a luncheon party after a child dedication. Because, as a family, we do not normally attend such a party unless it is extremely necessary, we are not used to go out often. Hence, we had issues in finding the way to the restaurant where the luncheon will be held. So, ... [read more]
  •  TMEC WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT GUIDES 1.    Definition of Site Development 1.1.    To inform TMEC members about TMEC’s: 1.1.1.    Mission 1.1.2.    Faith 1.1.3.    History 1.1.4.    Activities 1.1.5.    Organizational structure 1.1.6.    Vision (if warranted) 1.1.7.    Messages (sermons) 1.1.7.... [read more]